Some Of The Services We Offer

There is a dime a dozen cleaning companies in any major city today, but what separates the proverbial boys from the men? A cleaning company should not be chosen based on the cheapest available rate, but one should also take a look at the different types of cleaning services on offer. It is always better to have an experienced team of cleaners who can handle more than just one particular cleaning task as opposed to a pure specialist for most cases, and here are some of the different types of available services that a company, building manager, or a regular homeowner might want to look for.

Floor stripping & waxing

Stripping and waxing a floor is not as easy as it looks, and while it is possible to carry out a DIY session, a large office space or home would be better off with a professional at the helm. This procedure would require the complete stripping away of the tile space before all areas are recoated with industrial grade wax. A job well done in this aspect will ensure that the entire flooring will maintain that clean, shiny and attractive look for many more years down the road. The floor stripping process will ensure that all layers of accumulated dirt and grime will be removed, and the applied sealer, as well as gloss finish, will add to the long-term durability of the floor while reducing instances of marks and scratches.

Office cleaning

Keeping an office clean can be a challenge – the larger the size of the office is, the bigger the task. Not only would a high volume of foot traffic and people make the office get dirty faster, there are also other logistical aspects to figure out such as the rate of toilet paper replenishment, the amount of water and sunlight that each specific office plant requires, making sure that the pantry remains clean and presentable at all times for a more comfortable relaxing environment, and using the right professional tools to vacuum all of the dust in the carpets. The office cleaning task is best outsourced to a professional so that employees in the organization will be able to concentrate on what they have been hired to do.

Eco (green) cleaning technology

Forget about the harsh chemicals that have been used in the past when the world was much less responsible in keeping the environment clean. Always look for a professional cleaning company that makes use of eco-friendly products in their arsenal of cleaning solutions. Not only is it better for the environment, in the long run, but it will also help eliminate any possibility of an allergic reaction from those who live and work in the area.

Industrial janitorial services

Have you ever attended a large scale conference at a convention center over the course of a few days? You can then imagine the amount of human waste generated throughout the length of the conference, and the restrooms are not a sight for sore eyes. Rather, they are an affront to our sense of smell, and it is not uncommon to find the lack of toilet paper during the exact moment when you require it the most. Engaging a professional cleaning company to help out in industrial janitorial services makes plenty of sense. Not only does it remove the load of worry concerning some logistics in ensuring there is an adequate amount of toiletries available for everyone to use, frequently scheduled cleaning sessions will ensure that the toilets are comfortable, clean and dry at all times.

Commercial Cleaning

Just like how you do not approach a general practitioner to take a look at that suspicious looking growth in your body to figure out how to remove it, so too, should a business or corporation engage the services of a commercial cleaner to get the job done. These professional cleaning companies exist for one sole reason – to keep the customer satisfied at all times with the services rendered in ensuring that the work environment or building remains spick and span. Commercial cleaners have the right tools at their disposal to get the job done, and are far more experienced in making sure that dust and dirt are removed from the immediate environment than relying on the regular office worker to keep his or her work space clean as part of a ‘character building’ experience.

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At Cleaner Canada, we know what we do, and are proud to stake our claim as being one of the very best in keeping the work environment as clean as possible to usher in a new level of productivity. Nobody needs to feel ostracized or “punished” for being assigned garbage or pantry duty a fortnight in a row anymore. We make sure that in the pursuit of cleanliness regardless of the office environment, the latest technology and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used by our experienced staff. We stand by behind this guarantee for our service and look forward to servicing your office, business, or building