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Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company For Your Local Business

There are many different aspects to attend to when it comes to running a business, and we know that it would be in the best interest of a company if it were to concentrate on its core business without having any other kind of distractions. To ensure that a company runs at its optimal potential, the task of cleaning the office and its surroundings should be outsourced, and Cleaner Canada is here to assist in any possible way. Any business manager worth his or her salt would need to be able to balance and delegate tasks in the appropriate manner to ensure that the company moves in the right direction within the shortest time possible, and that means eliminating any obstacles that can stand in the way of this journey. Enter a commercial cleaning company that can help.

We know that office cleaning is not an easy task at all when all of the possibilities are taken into consideration. As every single dollar is crucial in moving the business forward, the tough question remains, “How best to spend money that is at a company’s disposal?” As running a business has its fair share of action items to worry about, it is also imperative to know that the workspace needs to be clean and tidy as well. A commercial cleaning company would be able to do the job far better than regular office employees for one straightforward and obvious reason: these office workers do not have such skills listed on their resume when they applied for the job, and neither did they expect such a “bargain” as part of the vocation.

Benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company

What seems to be a simple task has far more thinking that goes behind it than meets the eye. Depending on the office’s physical makeup, a whole lot of logistics will need to be figured out. What kind of carpet does the office have? How about windows, and the number of plants located all around? Who has been assigned to water the plants, and just how much of a balance concerning sunlight and water does that particular plant need each week? Regarding toilet paper and paper towels, just how often does it need to be restocked? The pantry will also require a whole lot of cleaning since plenty of action happens there every single day, and we all know just how returning home to a kitchen with dishes piled up high is a sore sight. Different people have their way and schedule of cleaning plates and cups, which will certainly not jive well with others, especially in a big office. All of these factors need not matter when we come a-calling.

Employees of a company need not feel undervalued in a subconscious manner when they are asked to vacuum the workspace as opposed to doing what they are employed for. This will not only help boost the morale of everyone, but it will also free up additional time that could see a further increase in productivity.

A healthy work environment, physically speaking in this context, would also carry a direct impact on everyone who clocks in every single work day. A thoroughly cleaned work area will ensure that there are no nasty dust particles which could result in allergic reactions and subsequently result in respiratory problems. Any company or firm will treasure its employees to operate at maximum capacity, and no sports team manager would like to see a bench that is filled with crocked players. A simple step such as ensuring the office environment is well sanitized will see a sustained, healthy level of productivity.

It does not matter what the size of a company is – outsourcing the cleaning job is equally vital regardless of the headcount. A small company would require its employees to do what they do best, without getting sidelined by chores that could eat up precious hours and productivity which will help push the company to a whole new level. Not only that, but it would also require an increased level of operational cost, since there is a need to purchase potentially expensive machines that see action only from time to time.

Large companies that have plenty of real estate space to clean up will require far more time than keeping a small garage neat and tidy, which will bog down the operations in the long run. Not only that, but it might also cause a rift in the unity among the employees when some refuse to cooperate regarding keeping the house rules where cleanliness is concerned. An external service provider will be a neutral party that can be the unifying glue that keeps everyone to work well together when ensuring the work area’s cleanliness.

End the search for an Edmonton janitorial service provider

We here at Cleaner Canada have the relevant expertise when it comes to keeping offices spick and span as an Edmonton janitorial service provider since this particular task requires a different set of skills compared to ensuring a home or house is clean. We are a professional cleaning company who clearly believes that a company’s employees should be doing what they are paid for. This will also improve employee morale in the long run since they can better concentrate on what they are paid to do as opposed to figuring out just how much toilet paper should be in stock for the week to come.

Leave the worrying about keeping the office area clean and conducive for work to us, while you concentrate on the core essentials of running your business. It is an essential, cost-effective measure that all businesses should consider, as that means having one less thing to worry about in the course of charting the company’s future. Give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to help sort out your commercial cleaning woes in Edmonton double quick time as your company concentrates on what it excels at – which is not cleaning.

8 Must Ask Questions Before Hiring An Edmonton Cleaning Company


  1. Who will have access to my home and how? 

Only your assigned tech will ever have access to your home. Each of our techs are background checked, trained and insured. We also always send the same tech to your house so you get to know who will be in your home.

  1. Who is responsible if something in my house is damaged during the service? Do you carry insurance

We are insured and if anything is to ever happen in your home, we will make it right. Besides insurance, we use safe products to ensure your home, family and our workers won’t come in contact with dangerous chemicals.

  1. How do I know your employees are safe? Do they undergo any type of background check?

Yes! Each of our employees are background checked and have their own check in system to ensure they are the only ones in your home.

  1. Are your employees trained to any specific standard?

All of our techs are trained by our field manager and company partner Roberto that has over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We use technology and an Enjoy Maids checklist to ensure each of your cleans match your expectations and our high standards.

We even created a training course that other cleaning companies use!

  1. How will I know what services are to be performed?

You can view our checklist on our website and after you book an appointment with us, we call you to confirm your services. Our techs then use our mobile app and check each item off the list as they complete it. Once they are done, they use a physical list that you can use to verify that your home has been cleaned according to our standard.

  1. How do you assure that each job is performed well? How do you check the quality of your employees’ work?

We don’t charge your card until we confirm that your service is complete. In addition to our extensive training, our team follows a standard checklist. We also send our field manager to periodically perform random quality checks to ensure all of our teams are performing to our expectations.

  1. If I’m not pleased with your service, what are my resources?

If you are not happy with our services, let us know within two days and we will gladly fix any issues. We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our services!

  1. Do I need to provide the cleaning products and equipment?

No, our professional Edmonton cleaners bring everything! We use Better Life products and all of our products are eco-friendly, green products. We even bring you a new toilet bowl brush if you don’t have one.


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